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Algae, recycled fish scale, milk, zinc oxides. If your role is to make what the future wears, Chichampe can help. At Chichampe, our everyday task is to look for reliable source of skin-friendly fibres, make them into fabrics and apparels for brands and private labels. We work with buyers, merchandise and brand managers to take the product from concept to production. Our experience in developing innovative new products will support the smooth start-up of your product production.

Our Fabrics

Odor Inhibiting

Functional clothing for sports is usually made with chemical finishing. These finishing promise good bacterial control and odor inhibiting. However, functional clothing made of natural fibres can also offer these advantages, in a healthier way.

Smartcel ™ Sensitive

Blends with smartcel™ sensitive controls odor due to the antibacterial properties of zinc.


With carboxyl-based functional agents, Paramos has good deodorizing effect against materials like ammonia.


Lubricating and anti-odor, with rich collagen peptide amino acid derived from recycled fish scale.

For Skin Shine

Exercise is fun if the body feels comfortable with it. It is even better if your outfit is actively improving your skin every time when you wear it.


Rich in minerals and vitamins. With high antioxidant property that protects skin from free radical damage.

COCO Moist

Extremely Lubricating, developed with kneaded coconut oil.

Miley ®

Improve fabric’s ability to retain moisture. Rich in amino acid to fuel skin.

Outdoor Strategies

Maintain right body temperature and wick away moisture (often caused by sweat).


Vegetable derived finishes approved by FDA. A tampon fiber that leaves no wet feeling when worn.


Helps to regulate body temperature and draw away excess heat from the body.

Cell Solution ® Protection

The fabric is insect repellent. Effective and durable protection against insects such as ticks and mosquitoes.

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Design Meets Comfort

You can create material with multiple fibers. Make your very own private label sportswear collection that wearers truly feel the difference, in your unquie way.

Smartcel™ Sensitive x CLIMA

Feels insanely soft, repels odors, regulates your temperature.

UMORFIL ® x Paramos

New fabric in trend. The outfit contains ocean peptide amino acid that is good for skin.

Eco-Repellas™ x SeaCell™

Directs sweat when running, biking, or doing outdoor activities. Waterproof yet allows skin to breathe.

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We give you the resource of fabric options and functions, analyze your idea, cloth, and align garment construction with your design.


Give you the chance to find exclusive, exceptional designer products. We produce and track world’s top brands in our facility.


We work closely with you to bring your idea to product. Discuss with us your sample order and bulk orders. We help you to produce everything from fabrics to finished.

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