Cellulose type and their functions

Reliable and carefully sourced

Eco Repella™

Natural water-repellent agent. Maintains skin soft and gentle by controlling pH value on fabrics.


Maintains gentle skin conditions by controlling pH value on fabrics. High deodorizing effect.


Extremely lubricating, with rich collagen peptide amino acid, derived from recycled fish scale.


Cellulosic fibre where increased absorbency is required. Makes undergarment stretch, recover, stay put, wick sweat, dry fast & keep cool.


Natural origin fibre that insulates against cold, whilst retaining warmth. Wonderful soft hand-feel.


Improve fabric's ability to retain moisture. Rich in amino acids to fuel your skin.

Cell Solution® CLIMA

Absorb excessive heat (from the body or environment), accumulate it and release it under certain conditions. This allows temperature regulation for wearer.

Smartcel™ sensitive

Contains the essential trace element zinc. Blends with smartcel™ sensitive promotes healthier skin and controls odor due to the antibacterial properties of zinc.


Sustainably harvested from Icelandic waters. Rich in minerals and vitamins. Innovative for its high antioxidant property, helping to protect the skin from free radical damage.

You create, Together we make

In your or our design

We work on your designs or we provide designs for your reference.


We provide sample fabric at your combination.

Select desired functions

Natural, sustainably sourced functional additive. Antioxidant, anti- odor, etc.


Quote and set production plan and schedule.

Comfort Lines

In comfort lines, you'll want clothes that feel good on your skin. You can choose the process and cellulose for the property you wish to promote in your product line.

UMORFIL ® X Paramos

Keep skin fresh and glowing

・Dry and cool
・Control pH value
・Kill bacteria

Miley ® X CLIMA®

Rich in amino acids to fuel your skin

・Soft hand feel
・Climacool ventilation

Shapewear Lines

In shapewear lines, you'll want clothes that fit the contours of your body, without feeling sticky and sweaty. Combination of SeaCell™ and CLIMA®, for example, will be your option. Properties that used to require synthetic fiber is now possible all by cellulose-based fiber.

SeaCell™ X CLIMA®

Keep skin fresh and glowing

・Dry and cool
・Control pH value
・Kill bacteria

Eco Repella™ X Smartcel™ sensitive

Naturally anti-bacterial and will not hold odor

・Highly breathable
・Water repellent
・Comfortably fit

Stay-Fresh Lines

In stay-fresh lines, you'll want clothes that controls odor and body temperature.For example combination of smartcel™ x Eco-Repellas will be perfect for elderly person's home wear.

Smartcel™ sensitive X Viloft®

Promotes healthier skin and controls odor

・Controls odor
・Insulates against cold
・Optimal temperature

Smartcel™ sensitive X Eco Repella®

Natural water-repellent agent for fabrics


Sustainable Cellulose with natural additives for properties consumer demands

Chichampe design and deliver performance fabrics and garments with lyocells plus natural additives for functions, including anti-free radicals, hypoallergenic, anti-odor, and anti-UV. We continue to source natural additives that carry properties consumer demands.

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Sustainability and performance in fabrics and garments.

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